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Generator and Transfer Switch.......
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Generators is our ONLY business !

Would you trust your generator to a handy-man or electrician who only works on them when his work is slow?


Here is what we recommend .......
  • Battery Replacement every two years
  • Use only a Maintenance Free battery
  • Rotor Stator Upgrade (depends on the generator model)
  • Lifting the frame up and off of the concrete pad by 3/8"
  • Oil Filter and Oil change every year (minimum)
  • Use only recommended oil weight
  • Air Cleaner change every 2 years
  • Spark plug replacement every 2 years
  • Adjusting the fuel pressure every year (minimum)
  • Replacing the Fuel Regulator if adjustment is below 13" of WC
  • Do not allow Irrigation Water to wet the generator
  • Insist on a 3 foot spacing from shrubs around the generator
  • Self-test your complete system every month
If you have a rusted frame or case.......

--We now offer an ALUMINUM After-Market Frame and Case to fit your generator at a reasonable cost plus full installation.

--If you have a BROKEN frame.....

SHUT IT DOWN Until the frame is replaced !

It MUST BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY so as not to cause twisting of the Engine/Stator.

We now offer a replacement ALUMINUM After-Market Frame custom fitted to your  large generator plus full installation.

I want to buy a whole house generator !
Can I get a deal ?

Absolutely ! Call us with the details of your needs and installation requirements !

We will give you a price for the generator you want at a fair price.

                            Treasure Coast Generators         Big Box Stores/Internet

How much does it weigh?      500 pound minimum, (up to 2700 pounds)

Will you deliver it?                  Yes                                Yes - End of Driveway

Onto the Concrete Pad?        Yes                                No - End of Driveway

Will you Activate it?                Yes                                No

Will you Service it?                 Yes                                No

How long is the Warranty?     Up to 5 years                Curb Side? Return it ?

Will your repair it?                   Yes                                No

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